Hey! Are ya free to talk?

If not it’s okay, just wanted to write my thoughts somewhere. But generally I had a really rollercoaster day. With such a turbulent night/morning in terms of faded focus and chopped up sleep, I was really bothered when I got back my mediocre score for my essay. Although it felt good to have some clarity in my essay question, I still have the trouble of reworking the presentation for tmr. Then I guess it was kinda packed because there was tutorial immediately after that and I didn’t eat breakfast ☹️ so I was so grumpy I just wanted to sit and cry somewhere. I went for psych tutorial nonetheless, and as usual I felt it just flew by me.

Taking a shower after that was the saving grace for the morning, even though it was a warm shower on a hot day HAHA. I felt a little better and it was fun being at the booth for a bit before traveling the arduous journey to Arts for psych lecture. I realized that psych lectures are pretty good by this prof and I should’ve probably gone for them from the start. Anyways I didn’t eat lunch as well cuz I only had the mango and the partial banmian so I was quick to finish my peanut butter waffle. (Note to self: the peanut butter from Deck is a bit too nutty for my taste.)

As much as I planned to do some work when I reached the USC conference room, my mind just wanted a break. And then onto the next pressing thing which was KaHU ExCamp. I notice that I like to do the things I’m really passionate about, and I guess that’s not really a surprise! I’m glad to have had the meeting about the camp today cuz I’m pretty excited to get the details ironed out so that we can be ready. Everything is coming in so soon, it’s hard to imagine we started this project in January…Anyways, the meeting was great! Sidetracked here and there but meetings with kayaking are always fun in spite of the seriousness of our discussions. There’s a dynamic that I think is really special.

The rest of the evening was good too Ü Tbh even though I said that I was reluctant to go, I was really glad to have gone for both events. Really really happy. Also because I found a new favourite ice cream flavour— Earl Grey Lavender From Creamery (?). I didn’t very to eat dinner so all I ate was sugary junk food today :’) so I guess that’s what is contributing to the happiness too. I’m gonna wash up soon, fix my presentation and sleep early. What a blessed day indeed!

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