Taking things one step at a time

Midterms for AY17/18 Year 1 Sem 2:

✅ CM1401— pretty manageable but very careless and poor on my part for not revising how to draw resonance structures, other than that it was alright.

✅ LSM1102— Very straight forward! Similar to short answer questions done during lectures. Probably hit a very steep bell curve.

✅ LSM1106— This was where I started to hit the road bump in my week. I was so tired at this point I barely had the strength to revise anything. And poof went out most of what I had studied the previous week. What I was revising the night before the paper, I knew wasn’t going in. A pity because the paper was pretty easy— calculations wise, we were tested on very obvious and easy to practice for topics (of which I did not practice. Ugh.)

✅ GER1000— Tricky paper but other wise straightforward. Hoping for 14/14 but I’ll be okay with 12/14.

✅ PL1101E— The bane of my night. Easy mid term but truly hard to regurgitate all the info. Gotta change up the way I study for the finals. This was my biggest worry for midterms actually because it has the largest percentage. And even though I started studying earlier, I did not put in the revision I needed to in order to strengthen those connections. There was a lot I was not able to cover too. Going to make sure I cover the text book and senior notes more in depth this time. No more shortcuts. I’ll be lucky to score a B+ for this mod with this bad midterm.

In other news, at least the night ended well. I was with good company and my new personal assistant! (jk but doesn’t that bag look great on him) There is so much to think about for tomorrow and a lot of things to prepare for in the coming few days. I don’t have much time to breath but I’ll take it as it comes. Every second of air time helps to keep me afloat a little longer. But seeing the horizon ahead keeps me kicking and swimming. Once this week 9 is done, I’ll feel a LITTLE better but so many things are still going on it’s hard to tell if it will be.

Time to rest, tomorrow is a new day.


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