Yunnan Day 3: English Lesson @ 三育学校

How did it go? any challenges you faced and how was it overcome?

I think that it went relatively well taking into account that our Chinese was realllly challenged. We just tried our best.

What I noticed is that some are definitely strong in English than others. A girl even asked us how to read a passage of words.

Why do you think there is a disparity in language between city and rural areas?

Lack of resources is a main factor I guess. They don’t have enough funding and teachers to continually teach them English.

What do you think can be done to make this more sustainable? should this be carried on next year?

More sessions of English with them. And also more preparation in method of instructions. But why even teach English to the rural schools? When they won’t have the chance to use it.

Yunnan Day 2: Paint x Plant

Highlights for today:

  1. Painting
  2. Planting

I joined the painting group. And if you were thinking that painting would have been less tiring you are clearly mistaken. Before we painted we had to cut away all the shrubbery and plants that had grown near the wall! Thank goodness we didn’t have any programme today, so at least we got to wash ups and clean. The food was much nicer today too. Yasssss.

Yunnan Day 1: Miaozu

Currently waiting to board the plane to Kunming, and it seems like we have been delayed another 15 min. Reached the airport at 2345 and now it’s 0342. 4 hours helpppo. Oh guess what in the time that I’ve typed this, it’s time to board!


The views here are sick and the weather is brilliant. Very comfortable even though I am just wearing a T-shirt and jacket most of the time. The cuisine here is spicy and sour (and at the same time very salty and oily too!!) The accommodation we have here in Miaozu is not bad too. The beds are really clean and comfortable which is such a plus to keep me warm as it gets way colder at night. First day of engagement was very fast but it was mainly just playing ice breakers with the students. They are super cute and friendly so it’s easy to approach them, despite the language barrier.

May ripples make waves

Sunday marked the end of Project KaHU and it felt truly bittersweet. I was so relieved to have completed this 5 month journey of ups and downs. The final sprint was complete. And at the same time I know that I will really miss this batch of mentees and I can’t imagine how much we have impacted them, but I’d like to think that we made a difference even in the slightest.

This experience was a first for me. At the start, I was so overwhelmed and I kept telling myself, “This was not what I signed up for.” But I’m glad that I got to work with this KaHU team and I couldn’t have done it any other way. They pushed me to explore things I’d never imagined I’d do. And if you told me that I’d be in pulau ubin again, I’d never believe you. I’m happy and fulfilled with what we have achieved together.

Project KaHU 2018, signing out.

McDonald’s Big Breakfast

And so look who finally manages to redeem the obnoxious looking plushies from Giant supermarket!!! I’ll give it to them for achieving the balance of making the plushies ugly to the point of cute.

Hmmm so I guess it’s been an eventful two days. I’m not sure if it was the best decision but I know that if I’m to follow down this path I need to do the things that I know to make things work. I can’t keep making excuses for myself like I’ve done before. The taste of charred buns and pseudo meat patties make me dizzy and intoxicated. There’s a lot of uncertainty but the only certainty I have is that God is with me through this all. I can’t lose myself.