Slow mornings

Good morning world! I often tell people that I am a morning person. But these two days have been very unproductive for me. Or I find myself slow to move in the first few hours of waking up. It’s strange. Am I burning out faster than I should be? Or am grasping onto the fire rest I deserve?

As I thought about this idea of slow mornings, a song just popped into my head. I’m not sure what the title is nor the artist but it goes like this:

Times will change

In these small hours

These little moments

Don’t let them slip away

I’m not entire sure if the lyrics are even correct but hey! It was an interesting feeling to be caught in the moment. Not having to think about all the work that is due. Everything that is pending. I have so many responsibilities I’m not living up to. Nonetheless, I just have to put in my best. I will probably head over to cathedral for the 12PM Good Friday service. Might as well start the day right!! Before I swirl down an unproductive spiral.

Am I pushing myself too hard? Sometimes I think yes, sometimes no. I’ve just gotta balance what is important to me.

And I know I’ve met someone very special and important in my life. But I think that a very huge barrier is in front of me.

God is not unfair. He will not forget the work you did or the love you showed for him in the help you gave and are still giving to other Christians.

Hebrews 6:10 GNT


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