Danger will follow me

Now everywhere I, I’m constantly looking for something to pull my attention to. It’s been interesting to pay more attention to what’s going on in the real world, with my eyes taking in the primary source. After being in Prof Greg’s Beyond Seeing module (UTC2408), I’ve started to look at art and pretty much everything around with a little extra thought. Why did he/she decide to create it that way? Was the creator inspired by anything/anyone? Can anything be called an original nowadays? Random thoughts but let’s type this down.

Week 13 has come to an end and we’ve come to the final sprint. The last 100m. It’s definitely been an exhausting semester, but I think I’ve gained many precious experiences. Now’s the time to really hit hard or go home. Of which the latter doesn’t feel like a favorable option. As I take the bus home from today’s trip to the Parkview Museum, I’m thinking about the work that has to be completed. I’ve got several goals for today:

  1. Complete the venue booking forms and submit them
  2. Get all the necessary documents printed for visa application
  3. Book an appointment at the visa centre
  4. Upload the photos for graduands party
  5. Create the study plan for the next two weeks
  6. Look at KaHU ExCamp proposal

Everything seems very daunting but I guess just as what I had shared during CG this morning, know how you prioritize and make decisions in your life. I want to put God in the centre of my life, and to do that I have to be more intentional with my time. There isn’t really a point in trying to power through this alone.

On another note, I have to be more cautious of my choices and my actions. I’m easily tempted to do things which distract me from God. Time to stay focused. It will be a difficult 2 weeks ahead but it will all be worth it.

Danger will follow me now everywhere I go,

Angels will call on me and take me to my home

“Everywhere I Go”, Sleeping At Last


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