Yunnan Day 6: Welcome to Liang Mei

What insights have you gathered/ challenges you experienced during today’s programme?

They (The students) are actually just like typical children they have smartphones and watch Avengers like any other Singaporean kid their age. Some of them are quite shy however but I think it’s pretty natural especially when interacting with a bunch of foreigners (even if they get visitors 4-5 times a year).

They don’t really get the point of the dream journal and it seems as if they tend to just copy each other (giving PC answers).

What direction are we going with this dream journal? We forgot to explain the rationale of the dream journal because it is intuitive to us and not to them.

The key is to help them unlock the ability to dream.

Share a memorable encounter with one of the kids today and why it is memorable to you.

The girls I talked to today were quite shy but they were still really sweet and they were giving me (and Shi Yun) food to try. I admit I was very hesitant to try the food because it… didn’t look like the most hygenic? But I was still quite heartened that they wanted to open up to us in that way.

Any suggestions/areas of improvement for the programme.

Let’s explain to them the rationale of using the dream journal at the start of tomorrow’s session.


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