Yunnan Da–error404

As I have mentioned in the previous post, most of these reflections of mine are lost in time, and so these are the days where I wrote down the reflection questions but didn’t manage to articulate my thoughts into words:

Day 6?

1. what changed today and what triggered the change 2. what are you going to improve on tomorrow? 3. how has the captclouds journey been thus far and who is one person you want to get to know better? 4. affirmation

Day 7??

Try to balance the facilitation with games. Play games/hands on games before starting the progs. What they want: soccer, tennis, handicraft

Setting expectations for next day

Day 8

1. Did you manage to achieve what you wanted to improve on yesterday?

– If yes, how did you do it?

– If not, what do you plan to work on?

– Highlight any changes in their behaviours if any.

2. How has your perception of the kids changed over the past few days?

Not really my perception of the kids but more of my mindset in interacting with them.

3. What do you hope to achieve over the remaining 2 days?

Interact with more of the other kids, the boys, He Jing the girl who doesn’t really understand a lot of pu tong Chinese.

4. Affirmation


Day 9 Questions

– how was today? the planting, and the engagement.

– what was something that struck you/ one takeaway that you have from the engagement?

– what is something that can be improved from the engagement? and do you think we should do it again?

– affirmations?


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