End of June reflection

“When work becomes play, and play becomes work, your life unfolds.”

– Robert Frost

July is closing in and there is merely a week of June left. What an eventful few weeks it has been, indeed. Besides the fact that I got to take a short trip to Taiwan, right after my finals, one of my highlights for my summer so far has been the completion of my two main projects.

NUS Kayaking has been a huge part of my life and completing Legs & Paddles 2019 officially marked the end of my time with them. I know that deep down, I’ll still be helping them out here and there, but I want to shift my focus on new land.

My time as an assistant mentor for the 0319 batch of LSA wasn’t easy. I wasn’t able to fully commit my time and energy to it due to some family commitments and at the same time juggling work, school and Kayaking meetings. It was hard for me because I know that I was not fully present for my mentees, much less present for myself to learn from the experience. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised when D-day came and the event was generally a smooth success.

Upon reflection, I really do enjoy my roles in both NUS Kayaking and as an OBS assistant mentor. Even though I wish I could be doing more of what I do in those positions at work, I realize that some areas overlap and I learn even more things outside of what I do in kayaking in OBS. Interning at SCALE was initially just a means for financial security during this summer, but now I’m starting to see how much I can really learn especially about business development and event operations from here. I’m excited for the weeks ahead, and secretly hoping for more work.


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