TR4049: Market validation done right

With finals out of the way, I had a few days of rest before starting off the week-long workshop/module of TR4049: Lean Startup— Market Validat. In summary, it comprised of two full days of lectures, and then we were on our own for the next three days to conduct interviews and gather our data needed for Saturday’s presentation. The lectures introduce the concept of market validation with the lean startup method.

It was indeed a tiring week but I have 2 takeaways:

  1. Importance of resilience— 120. That was how many interviews we were required to get within the three days, which was really just two because we had to spend the last day preparing for our presentation. Initially, I felt pretty discouraged by the intimidating number of interviews we had to complete and the bad weather didn’t help too. This is where it helps to be resilient and keep grinding through, because eventually it’s worth it. And in retrospect, it wasn’t as hard as it first appeared to be.
  2. Numbers are important— I love numbers and I love visualising data. So I was pretty upset when we were questioned about out data but didn’t have the figures in our presentation slides. I personally didn’t think it was relevant since it wasn’t related to our hypotheses but it was probably better to have it at the end as an annex to bring up anyways. Upon reflection, the insights that I shared weren’t that critical anyways and could’ve been replaced with the pricing numbers.

Nonetheless, I had a fun week and I couldn’t ask for a better team (above). Now I can’t wait for the next step to this module: validating my own idea!


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