NUS Kayaking

As part of my two years in NUS Kayaking, I was never a part of the publicity or marketing department. I never let that stop me from contributing my ideas and designs to the team, and here are just some of them to share with you!

kayaking lanyard mock up
Mock-up for NUS Kayaking Lanyard (final design sent for printing!) The colour from the supplier website was much too grey but I was definitely happier when it turned out royal blue. One change would be to increase the length of the waves, too much unused space.
lnp draft logo
NUS Kayaking Legs & Paddles prototype logo (not used). One of my prouder designs, only because it was extremely difficult to capture the idea of Punggol as our venture for the kayak-and-run this year.
lnp draft logo shirt prototype
LNP prototype logo shirt mock-up
nk standee.jpg
NUS Kayaking Standee



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