18 November: 55 above

Before heading over to Somerset 313 for our photography workshop my friend and I went to explore ION Sky, an observatory deck in ION Orchard. I for one have not heard of this place before so I was so suprised to find out it was 55 floors above ground level! As you will see from the following pictures I had a great time capturing some amazing shots. I have way more and the link for the gallery is below. 

Unfortunately it is an enclosed observatory deck so I had trouble with the glass obstructing my lens and all for certain shots. Although this makes quite a cool effect.

Stalking couples is my second favourite past-time.

Shots anyone?

Glowing onion rings

These other photos are credited to my friend~

So if you want to take a peek to some of the great scenery here in Singapore, check out ION Sky if you’re in the Orchard Road vicinity. What’s best is that it’s freeee. Just go to the highest floor of the mall, find the sistic counter, and the security guard will probably help direct you to the elevator which does to the 55th floor in the corner of ION Art.

2 Orchard Turn ION Orchard
Level 56
Singapore 238801

Operating hours
10am-8pm daily

Live. Laugh. Love.

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