For every

For everything good, I am grateful.

For every sadness, I find faith.

For every challenge, there is grow.

Today we managed to finally complete our 2 Star kayaking assessment! Everyone passed! It was pretty fun today and having two instructors with us was such a blessing. I’m really looking forward to learning more from them and more pool sessions.

The day went by in a flash, and it didn’t help that my brain only remembers 1) sneezing and 2) sniffling as having felt occupied 80% of my day. It was really bad, especially when we first hit the water. I’m pretty sure I was running a fever because someone asked me why my face was so red.

this is me looking very sick (and as you can see the stress is getting to my skin too)

After lunch, it was more nua (chillax) time. I went to the Stadium library to get my laptop charged and took a good hour to nap. Following that was a nice trip to Changi City Point at Expo to get Wolf Burger take-away for the fam.

Crunchy Curry Chicken, $6.90
Wolf Burger set meal, $12.90 (also comes with a drink that’s not shown here)

The food there is really worth the buck. Super succulent and crispy chicken fillet for me, although I was a little upset that there wasn’t a strong enough taste of the “curry” that was supposed to be paired with this fillet. $6.90 tho so it’s pretty worth it. The shredded carrots and purple cabbage served in the bun are very fresh and crunchy, unlike a lot of places which just serve really bland limp lettuce in their burgers.


happy hansel


A must have is the Truffle Mushroom Soup (at $2.60 for an ala carte side or $3 to top up your burger with any one side and a drink)! It is a small serving (they serve it in a coffee cup), but it is extremely fragrant and packed with that truffle oil.

A good bet here would really be the beef burgers and their special Umami burger. But I’ve yet to try both myself, however I can attest from my family that it’s solid.

Week 12 coming in like a mad storm and I know I’m not ready but I will be geared up to do my best. Time to take a Saturday bed rest for the second time in a row. This virus is really no go and now my family has been infected too. But I know there’s no point in killing my self especially after the weather and effort expended today. Received a reminder today to put my trust in the Lord yet again.

If your faith is not enduring, you will not endure.

Isaiah 7:9 GNT

Dear, future partner I

I’ve always told myself to find someone who can stop and see the world with me— from sunset and sunrise. I always imagined that I’d be able to find someone who could walk at the same pace as I did when I breathed the whole world in; someone who could run with me just to feel the wind in my face and the thrill of my heart banging against my chest; someone who would do all this not just for me but because he craved the exact same thing that I did— to live life to the fullest.

Coming soon: 4 April Hike

/7 June 2016/ Lower Peirce Reservoir

Hey guys~ today alpa_nat got her new camera so we decided to celebrate her birthday with a photog outing at Lower Peirce Reservoir, a pretty popular place for outdoor shoots. I basically had a not-so-tasteful lunch but after trekking around and shooting, we (more like I) fulfilled our craving for something cold at Ice Cream Chefs @Upper Thomson. Sorry no food photos this time, but if you’re in the area, why not try it out? I think it’s pretty good except for the fact that it was quite heavy on the cream and after two (quite large) scoops ($5.80 with free add-on woohoo), I had no space for dinner /cries/. They have daily promotions and their prices are what you would expect from a typical ice cream parlour. Anyways, photo time! P.S. don’t carry around food with you because the monkeys really can smell it and they will approach you!!!! so bring food at your own risk (or at least put it inside your backpack).

The Secret Route from East Coast Park to Marina Barrage you never knew

Hey guys~ for once I’m actually posting something on time. So block tests are finally over WOOOHOOO. That deserves extra applause, but anyways I’ll get right to it. The gang and I decided (of course in a very impropmtu manner) to go cycling at ECP to celebrate. But before that we had lunch with an unexpected but very welcomed 大人!! Yeah we all missed him dearly, clearly things weren’t the same with him around anymore…On to happier things! We had a good lunch and headed to ECP via the Kembangan park connector… but alas the weather was not on our side. Fortunately we had some sort of shelter to seek refuge in whilst the rain subsided. And finally here’s a peak at our (mis)adventures for the day!

Live. Laugh. Love.