May ripples make waves

Sunday marked the end of Project KaHU and it felt truly bittersweet. I was so relieved to have completed this 5 month journey of ups and downs. The final sprint was complete. And at the same time I know that I will really miss this batch of mentees and I can’t imagine how much we have impacted them, but I’d like to think that we made a difference even in the slightest.

This experience was a first for me. At the start, I was so overwhelmed and I kept telling myself, “This was not what I signed up for.” But I’m glad that I got to work with this KaHU team and I couldn’t have done it any other way. They pushed me to explore things I’d never imagined I’d do. And if you told me that I’d be in pulau ubin again, I’d never believe you. I’m happy and fulfilled with what we have achieved together.

Project KaHU 2018, signing out.


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