Yunnan Day 1: Miaozu

Currently waiting to board the plane to Kunming, and it seems like we have been delayed another 15 min. Reached the airport at 2345 and now it’s 0342. 4 hours helpppo. Oh guess what in the time that I’ve typed this, it’s time to board!


The views here are sick and the weather is brilliant. Very comfortable even though I am just wearing a T-shirt and jacket most of the time. The cuisine here is spicy and sour (and at the same time very salty and oily too!!) The accommodation we have here in Miaozu is not bad too. The beds are really clean and comfortable which is such a plus to keep me warm as it gets way colder at night. First day of engagement was very fast but it was mainly just playing ice breakers with the students. They are super cute and friendly so it’s easy to approach them, despite the language barrier.


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