Dealing with rejection

Today, the School of Computing (SOC) sent my rejection email for my Business Analytics Minor application.

I can’t describe how I feel other than to say I feel a tinge lost. Ever since I decided I would take the huge leap to switch my track to Business Analytics minor two semesters ago, I always thought I had a plan ahead of me. Looking at it, I’m not sure if that means I can no longer take any more business analytics mods. If that’s the case I will be more disappointed because I actually enjoyed the BT1101 mod I took the last sem, just that I really regret not investing more time into it.

Moving forward, I emailed someone to ask about it. Hopefully, it is a yes but I’m prepared for the no. This sem has really hit me with a load of reorganizing my initial study plan, so I’m not surprised if I have to do it again.

What I really hope is that I can move forward and continue to do better for all my other mods because I know this rejection is not the end for me, as much as it was an idealized scenario.


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