A prayer to my Father

Dearest Abba, Father,

You know my heart and you know my deepest desires. Never have I felt such a need to want to hear you than I do now. Maybe it’s because I do not want to be wrong again. I’ve been wrong about many things in my life before. And I’ve made many mistakes in the past. And this is one I find myself not being able to accept, even if right now it’s just a possibility. The possibility in itself seems so bleak. And yet I trust that in whatever I may do, I just need to trust in you. I believe. I just need to remind myself, it’s not the end.

You have blessed me with such an amazing individual to enter into this phase of my life. I admire so much about him— his generosity in his time and actions, and his kind and genuine heart. He is frank and honest, yet innocent and naïve at times. And yet, the biggest challenge for me is trying to find out what role is he to play in my life?

I’ve become more aware of why I believe in what I believe. Each day I feel challenged to defend the Catholic faith and learn more about it, even though I know this means it may not lead me to him, I choose you. Father I give my humble spirit to you, that you may guide my tender heart. So one day I will discover the value of this person in my life.



New WordPress!

Hey all,

Previously I had been blogging/photoblogging on Blogger, but a while back I decided to move over here to WordPress for various reasons. I wanted to take advantage of the portfolio features and for other design preferences. Although I really like my blogger theme, I decided to give WordPress a go.

Honestly, it was the biggest pain in the … to export my blogger posts over to WordPress. It couldn’t have been more annoying. Many of my posts were messed up in terms of format so I have to apologise for the messy formatting of some of the old posts. I’m not sure if it’s something to do with the theme I’m using but I’ll have to check it out because I’m annoyed by how the formatting for photos can be so inconsistent (e.g. some of my photos are aligned off to the left when it is in full desktop view, which is quite offending to the eyes).

Hoping I can get this theme business done by the time my interview for the internship comes around. I really want to use WordPress, so please work.

Live. Laugh. Love.


Hey guys~ well I know I havent posted a lot of stuff but I feel this is really important for me to share and so I’m taking sometime to type it out now. I just came home from a gruelling 4 day 3 night council camp and boy am I tired.

Just a little context, the elections are over and the new elects had to undergo this camp, Camp Invictus, which means unconquered or undefeated. Truly enough, all of us emerged unconquered. Sounds cliche but turst me, I thought that this camp was gonna be a breeze, and it really wasnt. Not only physically but mentally and emotionally challenging as well. 
However, I learnt many new things about myself and about other things like proposal writing and planning for events. I feel very humbled by this experience because I thought I had a pretty good grasp of all these things. I was pretty wrong. 
I cried. 
Yes I didnt expect to cry but I did. I definitely formed an attatchment for my fellow councilmates. I got to learn a little bit more about each of them and what council meant for them. For now we are pretty much like one family. But there are a bunch of impending challenges for us to undertake as a council. This will really test our bonds abd frankly, I hope we make it through all the was as one.