Freedom: Cat Cafe and BH6

Test run with the camera on the bus hahaha

The day started off early with the LAST PAPER bio MCQ. I really hope that the fact that I went to sleep almost half the time does bit me in the ass.

After that I headed to Bugis and here comes the two highlights of the day: The Cat Cafe and Big Hero 6!!@$#%!!

Entrance of The Cat Cafe

 Now this post is going to be very photo based be deal with me please. (Trust me the cats are really cute)

The Cat Cafe is really hard to miss but it is actually in a place where many people pass by especially if you frequent the Bugis scene. It is righhtt above the Burger King outlet next to the entrance of Bugis Street on the third floor.

Right from the moment I entered I felt the place was really homey and cozy. Loved the lighting, shiok air-conditioning and all the little nicknacks on the counter. (They even have a cat clock which I regrettably did not take a photo of) Entrance fee is $15 and it comes with a canned drink (yay passion fruit tea!). One of the owners briefed us about the dos and don’ts, we sanitized our hands changed our shoes to cute green slippers and headed right on in!

They have quite a number of cats and boy are they cute. The cats were so friendly and just wanted to be loved hehe. Some cats liked a good back rub while others favoured head scratching. I just loved the wide range of breeds of cats that they had here. Oh and they also have comfy chairs so you can put your stuff down and maybe even cuddle a roaming kitty. The cafe is pretty spacious so no worries about feeling claustrophobic. [PHOTO TIME]

Love the interior!

Missy is my favourite cat there, she’s got such a unique pattern on her face and loves head scratching.

Swanky bandanas are always a plus.

And ties.

Don’t disturb sleeping cats yeh!

This is Ginny she can be easily recognised for her orange coat but also the “8” tattoos on her ears.

I love the nicely framed photos of all the cats and their little bios below it!

They even have these things where the cats can climb across the room which is pretty cool to see.

ahhh too cute

In case you forget what the rules are.

I think this is patches haha I am obsesses with it’s eyes.

All in all, my friends and I spent a good one and a half hours there. (Would have totally stayed longer if we weren’t rushed for time, as the entrance fee has no time limit for your visit– and the cats are just too cute.) It was a really good experience because the atmosphere is very relaxing (Props to whoever choses the acoustic music!) and the owners were super friendly too telling us which cats liked what and what their actions meant. (Like some cats sway their tail around and sit quitely meaning they really wanna be petted hahah) I’d definitely wanna come back soon and I recommend it to others looking for such an experience. Before going I actually searched up several other cat cafes and there was one review I saw where the cat cafe looked really bare and super cramped up! I’M SO GLAD THIS WAS NOT LIKE THAT.
The Cat Cafe

241 Victoria Street, 188030
Nearest MRT: Bugis
Monday: 3pm-10pm
Tuesday-Sunday, Public holiday: 10am-11pm

Big Hero 6 is a must see with a group of friends! Funny, action and even as a good element of tear-jerking moments. Well thought out and of course, my weakness, all things adorable and cute– Baymax. I won’t want to spoil much but it really is a good film so check it out yourselves yeh haha. Oh and also before the movie they showed a short which was really good too! I’m so happy they did this cuz I haven’t seen a good short like this before a Disney movie for a while now.

->Big Hero 6 trailer for those who have not seen it yet.

Enjoy your weekend!

Live. Laugh. Love.


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