For every

For everything good, I am grateful.

For every sadness, I find faith.

For every challenge, there I grow.

Today we managed to finally complete our 2 Star kayaking assessment! Everyone passed! It was pretty fun today and having two instructors with us was such a blessing. I’m really looking forward to learning more from them and more pool sessions.

The day went by in a flash, and it didn’t help that my brain only remembers 1) sneezing and 2) sniffling as having felt occupied 80% of my day. It was really bad, especially when we first hit the water. I’m pretty sure I was running a fever because someone asked me why my face was so red.

this is me looking very sick (and as you can see the stress is getting to my skin too)

After lunch, it was more nua (chillax) time. I went to the Stadium library to get my laptop charged and took a good hour to nap. Following that was a nice trip to Changi City Point at Expo to get Wolf Burger take-away for the fam.

Crunchy Curry Chicken, $6.90
Wolf Burger set meal, $12.90 (also comes with a drink that’s not shown here)

The food there is really worth the buck. Super succulent and crispy chicken fillet for me, although I was a little upset that there wasn’t a strong enough taste of the “curry” that was supposed to be paired with this fillet. $6.90 tho so it’s pretty worth it. The shredded carrots and purple cabbage served in the bun are very fresh and crunchy, unlike a lot of places which just serve really bland limp lettuce in their burgers.


happy hansel


A must have is the Truffle Mushroom Soup (at $2.60 for an ala carte side or $3 to top up your burger with any one side and a drink)! It is a small serving (they serve it in a coffee cup), but it is extremely fragrant and packed with that truffle oil.

A good bet here would really be the beef burgers and their special Umami burger. But I’ve yet to try both myself, however I can attest from my family that it’s solid.

Week 12 coming in like a mad storm and I know I’m not ready but I will be geared up to do my best. Time to take a Saturday bed rest for the second time in a row. This virus is really no go and now my family has been infected too. But I know there’s no point in killing my self especially after the weather and effort expended today. Received a reminder today to put my trust in the Lord yet again.

If your faith is not enduring, you will not endure.

Isaiah 7:9 GNT


The Secret Route from East Coast Park to Marina Barrage you never knew

Hey guys~ for once I’m actually posting something on time. So block tests are finally over WOOOHOOO. That deserves extra applause, but anyways I’ll get right to it. The gang and I decided (of course in a very impropmtu manner) to go cycling at ECP to celebrate. But before that we had lunch with an unexpected but very welcomed 大人!! Yeah we all missed him dearly, clearly things weren’t the same with him around anymore…On to happier things! We had a good lunch and headed to ECP via the Kembangan park connector… but alas the weather was not on our side. Fortunately we had some sort of shelter to seek refuge in whilst the rain subsided. And finally here’s a peak at our (mis)adventures for the day!

Live. Laugh. Love.

/2 JAN 2015/ ECP: walk bike eat

Hey guys! So it’s me again. Yeah busy busy start of the year but since it’s the Chinese New Year holiday why not do some updates?

Right after New Year’s Day I met up with YL and well we had fun. This is probably one of the coolest things I will remember for life: bicycle cafe hopping– a combination of two things I love to do. We started by renting bikes at ECP and made our way around the Katong area.
First stop: Chin Mee Chin Coffee & Cake Shop 
Specialty: Custard puffs and sugee cakes (unfortunately didn’t get to try that)
Meluvs: I’m not a fan of custard but this was creamy and light. Not too sweet and the pastry itself was really good. I also tried the butter cream swirl– pastry was great too but cream a bit too buttery for my taste.
Notes: Try to come earlier. There are many people who come here in the mornings for coffee and their eggs and pastries so it’s really difficult to get a seat. (We just bought take-aways as there was a really long line outside just to get in.)

Address: 204 East Coast Road Singapore 428903
Contact: 6345 0419

Butter cream swirl and custard puff

We continued to cycle around East Coast Park for a while. (Actually it was to scout area F for my BBQ)

Second stop: Bar Bar Black Sheep (Tanjong Katong outlet) 
Specialty: Butter Chicken and curries
Meluvs: We couldn’t stay long but I ordered the butter chicken and garlic naan. I wanted more. If we weren’t in a rush I would stay there all day and keep eating it. The butter chicken has a really good sauce and it was just mouthwatering. Naan was nice and soft too. Great with the chicken.
Notes: There are two other outlets. Yes that’s right–one more at Bukit Timah and at Robertson Quay. They are bigger than the outlet we visited and offer a wider range of food so I’d want to check them out if possible. (You might want to do that too)

Address: 362 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437122
Contact: 6348 8275

Last stop: With a Pinch of Salt (Not too far away from Bar Bar Black Sheep)
Specialty: Chocolate souffle, Jumbo Chick’s Leg (large portions and affordable prices)
Meluvs: Cute and vibrant atmosphere makes for a happy eating experience. I was looking forward to having dessert here but when I heard that their chocolate souffle was not available we had to settle with the lava cake. It did suffice however I was disappointed with the cheese fries because I had expected something special for having to pay $7-8 for one serving. 
Notes: Try out their mains. My friends have given good reviews about this place about how they have large portions and reasonable prices around $11-14 for food which tastes pretty good too.
Address: 297 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437080
Contact: 63482297

Live. Laugh. Love.

Sing a song of Christmas

Hey guys! So after YCS EOY we had caroling on 20 December 2014, Saturday. I had loads of fun singing and making people happy 😀 I hope they were happy…. haha I got to know knew people as well and we shared fun memories. Despite being really tired, sweaty and almost not getting home– I look forward to caroling next year.

Live. Laugh. Love.

Gardens by the Bay day

Hey guys! So yes as the title says, this is my Gardens by the Bay post omg this was 16 December 2014, super duper late but nonetheless here it is. Had a good day with my photography pals and I got to visit both domes this time. They are beautiful even if you aren’t there to take photos, so if you ever get the chance to go with close friends or ahem bf/gf, it would be a nice and relaxing experience.

My favourite of the two domes has got to be the flower one though. As much as the forest dome is cold and has a cool indoor waterfall, the flower dome is just too beautiful to pass.
We ended the day with llao llao, which I got to try for the first time wooh! Hahah I think I understand the hype for it but really, if the line is so long I wouldn’t bother lining up– it’s not that good. We didn’t wait long and had a table to sit down at so it was alll good haha.

Live. Laugh. Love.

Y Y Y????

Hey guys! So from 10-13 Dec 2014, YCS held their annual End-Of-Year camp at Nativity Church. Camp Y, as it was named, had about a 100 people attending– still a pretty large number in my opinion. Having volunteered as a facil, I had to go and “gather my chicks”. Yeah it was a pretty awkward introduction but I had a fun time throughout the whole camp with them. My favourite part was probably staying up at night, because who doesn’t love no sleep. (I only slept 4 hours in four days) Oh and of course the water games. I have to admit this year’s water games were better than last year’s. Venue was much larger and well it was un being the game master cuz you can torture the campers muahahaha. My station was pretty gross, curtesy of Isaac hahaha, it had the worst combination–mentos,flour, water and saliva. Ew.

Selfie inception.

Looking forward to more YCS events and helping out in more of them cuz YCS has really made a big impact on my life.

Live. Laugh. Love.

I got Trapped

I won’t name this under Cafe hopping but I did do this on the same day. (Shows how much you can do in one day hahah.) After coming from Lavendar we headed over to Bugis which didn’t take long but what took a while was trying to get there FROM BUGIS. Well you can go out by the exit more towards the Raffles Hospital side. Then walk along Victoria Street (you will see this painting on the right) until you reach Jln Pisang turn right into it.

At the end of the road turn left and then into Kandahar Street. ANDDD after a few bars you will eventually reach this door. Welcome to Trapped, one of the many escape room companies in Singapore. 

So a little back-story on why we decided to get here. We were still in Windowsill around 2-2:30pm maybe? And with the afternoon left I decided to have an impromptu escape game session. One of my favourite past-times this year. Luckily for us we found out about Trapped where they have a student discount of $14 (non-peak only)!! Considering that usual prices for escape rooms range from $18-$25 (non-peak), that is a really good price. You can walk in but you may not be guaranteed a room so the best you should do is make a reservation online or call them up too. Payment can then be made on site.
Some dos and don’t of the place.
The main lobby is pretty small.When you walk in you’ll be greeted by the front desk and as seen from the photo above there are some lockers where you can place your belongings. Don’t worry if your bag is too big because their seats double as a storage unit as well but of course it would be safer to lock your valuables up in the lockers or just bring a smaller bag.
Now for the moment of truth. 60 minutes. 3 people. 1 room. Time to get cracking. We chose the “Trapped in Hostel” which (unbeknownst to me until we got there) has the LEAST lighting. And when they mean bad lighting. They mean they will turn off pretty much all the lights in the room leaving maybe some creepy yellow fluorescent lighting in a corner and just hand you two torches. (one torch per pair but they round up) It is really quite hard to see. Umm the ambience is pretty creepy with the music and all. No jump scares for you thrill seekers unfortunately (maybe try out the Friday the 13th room–it’s the scariest apparently) but it is quite a brain teaser. Downside is that the room is quite small and there isn’t a lot of mind-blowing discovery in here. Without revealing too much I would say there was a good mixture of game mechanics and not just numbers and numbers to deal with padlocks. (my pet-peeve whenever I go to an escape room) So good on them! In my opinion it was a pretty challenging room, probably on the moderate side of difficulty. I have to admit we went through several brain stumping moments when we had to resort to hints but otherwise we managed to figure it out. I’m looking forward to trying out the other rooms by them because it is an affordable option for those who don’t have the fund for bigger rooms by companies like Xcape Singapore. (I’ll blog about that another time)

Trapped Singapore
1st Outlet: Kampung Glam Shop Houses, 42 Kandahar Street,
S198896 (Near Arab St)

2nd Outlet: *SCAPE
2 Orchard Link, #02-20/21/22
Opening hours
Mon to Thur: 11am – 11pm
Fri to Sun: 11am – 2am

Live. Laugh. Love.