Cafe Hopping I: Breakfast at Sarnies’

The day started off with breakfast before a job interview at City Square Mall for the SITEX 2014 and yeah I got the job. (But when we got there, surprise surprise– apparently more people knew about it too hahah. Oh well I’m just into the job experience yeh.

Look at the friendly staff (and carrot dude)
So Sarnies is a little cafe which my bro had recommended to me. A few must-indulge foods/drinks would be their f*cking good brownie ($5) and their coffee. 

Cool table number concept
Firstly I tried the brownie and wow is it ahmayzang. It is so moist and crisp on the outside. Base isnt hard or burnt like some brownie places. It is so moist it melts like a chocolate bar in your mouth. You might be thinking: but $5 for a brownie??!?@?# Stop thinking about it and go try it if you have that $5. Skip that starbucks frap just once.
Secondly, we ordered the ham and cheese crossant.  ($7.50) I have to say, their crossant pastry had a unique taste, it was buttery and there was a hit of cheese (?i think) in it that made it really yummy even just from eating the little crips that brpke off from trying to cut it. The ham was thinky sliced and paired with fresh parmasean cheese (from the taste of it). It took me a while to put my finger on what cheese was inside. Yum yum yum!!! I kept wanting more. 

Other thing one can try is their wraps as well. I heard it’s pretty good. Their cafe has a rustic feel like all the wooden furniture inside and even using poker cards as table numbers. The guy cooking was wearing a carrot hat. What could be more mesmerizing than that, right?

Sarnies’ is pretty easy to find once you get out of Telok Ayer (Blue line) MRT station. It takes less than five minutes to walk to though their cafe name isn’t too obviously plastered on the glass so I guess you might miss it if you’re not paying attention. Despite it being 9:30am when we got there, there were a lot pf people at the cosy cafe. It is packed pretty much the whole day according to my bro so it’s definitely worth checking out. Oh and all prices stated are inclusive of GST.
Sarnies’ cafe
136 Telok Ayer St. , 068601
Mon-Fri: 7:30am-10pm (kitchen closes 9:30pm)
Sat-Sun: 9am-4pm
Breakfast until 11am
6224 6091

Live. Laugh. Love.


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