weeee hey guys! So today was pretty fun. Honestly, I havent gone out in a while for fun because it has just been so so hectic. Every weekend is practically full of events and things going on, on I have way too much homework stacked up. I was considering not going today to be the nerd I am but nah—and I’m glad I made that decision.

Long story short I went shopping today in Orchard and when we were looking for a place to eat we stumbled upon this lovely jewel of a ramen house. 
I usually go for the staple ramen, the miso one, but I figured the Chashu Ramen ($16++) with egg (+$1.50) would be a nice change. On the other hand my friend got a fix of the Negi Chasu Ramen ($17++), which doesn’t have much difference except the fact it has shredded green onions on top. Immediately one can tell the difference in the soup. It is much greasier due to the black ma-yu (roasted garlic oil) but very rich in flavour. (Chicken-based stock) What made me really happy with it was that they give a really good serving of the delicious chashu (nice and tender but doesnt quite have the melt in your mouth feel probably because it does not have much fat) so I recommend going for the Chashu ramen instead of the normal Ramen ($12++) that only has 1 slice of chashu. Line was pretty fast so I didnt mind the wait. (UNLIKE AT TAMPOPO WHERE THE LINE DIDNT SEEM TO MOVE)

Nantsuttei Ramen Singapore
181 Orchard Rd 07-12/13
Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Live. Laugh. Love.

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