Snackeroonies: 10/10 brunch

Yesterday’s brunch was bomb! Real bomb…for the toilet eheh :’) hElp


Snackeroonies: Lau Pa Sat and Spinelli @OFC

Today has been great; not that crazy productive but time was well-spent. Rest is good but time to hike it up a notch. Lunch was at Lau Pa Sat, Japanese udon and ramen!! Sweet udon is always better on a hot day like today. But the ramen was just as good too.

Afternoon coffee break was at Spinelli Coffee Roasters, the Ocean Financial Centre branch (10 Collyer Quay). It was so worth the effort walking around and getting lost. The coffee there is 10/10 and so is the customer service! If you’re looking for a place to sit after buying your coffee, you can head over to the seats across Spinelli (Daily Grind) because the cafe there is under Spinelli too. The place is really comfortable but can get a bit distracting especially once it hits the off-hours and everyone is heading home, and there are so many people in the lift lobby area where the outlet is.

Snackeroonies: On a (sugar) roll

Get it? Sugar roll? HAHA. Second food post in one day! That’s a record. Okay but seriously, I was pleasantly surprised today when someone left a bottle of Traditional Cooked Barley drink from Hockhua Tonic and a piece of chocolate at my door!! Thank you dear kind soul for helping me recover from my super bad cough. Tonight’s supper was cookies and doughnuts again. And I guess it can’t hurt to get some free food eheh.

Snackeroonies: getting fett

Guess who’s back?? Love at first bite, as Hansel would put it— Chipotle bae chicken sandwich is back in the vending machine! Had a productive night yesterday and ended it off with this lovely surprise. This morning’s breakfast was at Ghim Moh, not too far away from UTown I might add. Only took us about 25-30 Minutes to get there. And there’s quite a lot of stalls to buy from and try in the near future.

And she was blessed

The morning started with Review of Life workshop, it was good but I think I was really tired so it was difficult to stay awake. 😷 I feel really fortunate to see BChua and Mark today after so long. It’s been ages since we all met with each other. That’s why I think that I enjoyed the dinner we had very much, but more so the conversations we had. Super blessed to have them as my brothers in Christ to always listen to me. I’ve missed them loads.

Headed over to Katong for dinner and boy does Katong have loads of good looking food. Note to self: Check out the other food at Katong more often. Who knew that aLt. Pizza opened a branch at Katong? It’s been years since I tried their pizza and I remember it being really good and affordable as well. We got the 3 for $45 deal along with some sides. My favourite side has got to be the Straight Cut fried with cheese dip!! The cheese is not just any cheese but it’s got Parmesan in it too so the cheese itself has got some texture and viscosity.

After dinner, I treated Aldrin to some birthday Ice Cream! And I have officially found my new favourite ice cream flavour (I know previously I said it was Earl Grey Vanilla from Creamry but this is way better): Hojicha gelato from this ice cream parlor called Birds Of Paradise. Basically it’s this posh artisanal ice cream shops which sells tropical inspired flavors of gelato. They do hand pressed cones as well and you can get it at +$1 instead of a cup. You’ve just got to admire the effort put into the shop’s aesthetic as well as their crazy unique flavors. A must try is the chocolate flavour they have together with pistachio. Both are premium flavors so +$1 for each scoop but trust me it’s worth it especially if you get both together. Meanwhile, I got myself Hojicha along with a scoop of Strawberry Basil. The combination wasn’t as powerful as the former, because the strawberry wasn’t as strong to cut through the tea taste as I had imagined it to. Nonetheless, I found a new love. Will definitely return after finals to treat myself to this new found fave!!😍😍😍

For every

For everything good, I am grateful.

For every sadness, I find faith.

For every challenge, there I grow.

Today we managed to finally complete our 2 Star kayaking assessment! Everyone passed! It was pretty fun today and having two instructors with us was such a blessing. I’m really looking forward to learning more from them and more pool sessions.

The day went by in a flash, and it didn’t help that my brain only remembers 1) sneezing and 2) sniffling as having felt occupied 80% of my day. It was really bad, especially when we first hit the water. I’m pretty sure I was running a fever because someone asked me why my face was so red.

this is me looking very sick (and as you can see the stress is getting to my skin too)

After lunch, it was more nua (chillax) time. I went to the Stadium library to get my laptop charged and took a good hour to nap. Following that was a nice trip to Changi City Point at Expo to get Wolf Burger take-away for the fam.

Crunchy Curry Chicken, $6.90
Wolf Burger set meal, $12.90 (also comes with a drink that’s not shown here)

The food there is really worth the buck. Super succulent and crispy chicken fillet for me, although I was a little upset that there wasn’t a strong enough taste of the “curry” that was supposed to be paired with this fillet. $6.90 tho so it’s pretty worth it. The shredded carrots and purple cabbage served in the bun are very fresh and crunchy, unlike a lot of places which just serve really bland limp lettuce in their burgers.


happy hansel


A must have is the Truffle Mushroom Soup (at $2.60 for an ala carte side or $3 to top up your burger with any one side and a drink)! It is a small serving (they serve it in a coffee cup), but it is extremely fragrant and packed with that truffle oil.

A good bet here would really be the beef burgers and their special Umami burger. But I’ve yet to try both myself, however I can attest from my family that it’s solid.

Week 12 coming in like a mad storm and I know I’m not ready but I will be geared up to do my best. Time to take a Saturday bed rest for the second time in a row. This virus is really no go and now my family has been infected too. But I know there’s no point in killing my self especially after the weather and effort expended today. Received a reminder today to put my trust in the Lord yet again.

If your faith is not enduring, you will not endure.

Isaiah 7:9 GNT

Snackeroonies: Asanoya Bakery

Hello there! Back with another chapter of snackeroonies with me. This time I’m reviewing some pastries at Asanoya Bakery. And I’m sure this won’t be the last time (?)

  • Mushroom quiche set (with coffee, mushroom soup and salad topped with Japanese sesame sauce) $11.90 7.5/10
  • Turtle matcha sweet bun $3.50 9/10
  • Ham and cheese donut $2.80 7.50/10

Mushroom soup is 9/10 for mushroom soups I’ve tried in my LIFE. It’s pretty worth to get the set cuz the quiche alone is already $6.90? Quiche is 8/10— pretty good but not served very warm, together with the coffee which was a bit too lukewarm for me (Maybe the intention is to finish it up in one go once it’s served?).

The turtle matcha sweet bun was a surprising gem to have discovered today. Don’t be fooled by its cuteness (someone told me that I could only buy one cute thing today and so I’m glad I went with the cutest!). I was of course ready to be let down by some bland bun that just looked aesthetically pleasing, when in fact it was my favourite of the day. 9/10 for its rich matcha crumbing in the top and the entire bun is just really lovely and you won’t get sick of it. The ham and cheese donut is a 7.5/10 because the cream cheese is not really very even but it is in fact pretty generous in the middle. The cream cheese is just heavenly with the fried dough— it ought to be a sin. Basically a ham and cheese sandwich on a different level, so I wasn’t that amazed. The ham was a teeny bit bland.

All in all I know this won’t be my last time here. It is a very chill and conducive place to study. The posh little bakery near Bencoolen has every students’ vital necessities: free WiFi (with Facebook check-in), under-table powersockets, good food, air-con and toilets!! Their prices are a bit on the pricey end but it is comparable to many nearby study cafes too. +points to Asanoya for having a very clean interior to help me study in peace and no nosy staff to chase you out even on a public holiday. You’re bound to find a spot which suits you so you can tuck into a scrumptious tea set as you demolish your work for the day.

Pick-me-up lunch


Image 2

  • Sriracha Chicken Burger $13.90 (with gst) 8/10

Today’s LSM1106 midterm wasn’t so good. I think it’s been really very difficult trying to study late at night and still expect to absorb everything. My head has been hurting, I’ve been feeling more giddy. Easy mistakes were made, and I think I can’t afford any more.We came to SciPark for lunch and ohman lunch was great. The burger was very tender and covered with cheddar cheese and just the right amount of spice! What a great way to feel better.