A sign?

So I shared with Yvonne my concerns the other day. And she gave me good advice and an interesting perspective.

… but I think whether a person is Catholic or not, that’s a label…So if he is pursuing truth and is open to listening, I think that is ok. Afterall if Jesus is The Truth, then anyone who seeks The Truth will eventually find him 🙂

Right now I acknowledge that I’m in a very different point in my life, a point where I’ve come to know how important God is for me. So I couldn’t imagine not having a church wedding, or having to go to mass without my husband by my side. I think it really crushes me. But then I realized that, with all these assumptions, I shouldn’t be looking too far ahead into all these possibilities, when I should be clinging on to the reality that is God’s plan for me. So even if it’s not what I want right now, I know that eventually all things will be okay through Him.

Dear Jesus,

Help me to see you in my every day. Help me to love myself and the people around me the way you do. I humbly ask that in my times of struggle, I remember the sacrifice on the cross you made for me.



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