UTown Living: Week 6 Dinner, 110318

  • Blueberry lime $1.30
  • Aston’s teriyaki chicken with Mac & Cheese and potato wedges $6.90
  • Bedok popiah $2.50
  • Mom’s caldareta $0 (priceless)

Blueberry lime is now one of my favourite drinks. It is beautifully aesthetic and strangely refreshing on the palette. If I could describe it to you, it tastes like slightly sour gummy bears depending on how much lime there is. I like it sour so I prefer mine with more lime.

Note to self: do all the Aston’s chicken dishes use the same sized chickens?

The teriyaki sauce is really sweet and together with the fried wedges, chicken skin and processed Mac & Cheese, is a recipe for a sinful meal on a Sunday night.

Bedok popiah is always good, but it isn’t as nice after you’ve travelled for almost 2 hours.

And I really miss mom’s cooking. Gonna have the rest for lunch.


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