Hokkien Mee @ Cuppage Fried Kuay Teow Hokkien Mee

I DID STUDY. Yesterday. But today I had to wake up at 6++ to get myself all the way to Chinatown (Hong Lim Complex) for the Basic Food Hygiene Course at XpRience. The training was really BASIC. Though I fell asleep at one point, I was throughly entertained by our trainer.

Anyways onto lunch. You see this up here? It’s supposed to be a mouth-watering photo of my lunch. Sadly I devoured it before I realized I wanted to post about it. Looks aside, this was some pretty good Hokkien Mee. It had just enough gravy and the right amount of sweetness from the chilli. Not too oily either in my opinion. I always say that a good plate of Hokkien Mee is not complete without well cooked prawns and squid. This had both. Well cooked prawns slide effortlessly off their shells while squid is nice and tender and not really chewy (overcooked alert!)

After lunch was the assessment and I passed. (yay!)

Cookies for Sid @ Citylink

So on the way back, (after walking pretty far looking for Raffles Place HAHA) I went to City Hall’s Citylink and window shopped my life away.

Introducing Cookies for Sid!

Wooh first time buying from here

 I bought 12 for $16 (cuz like if you’re gonna sin, why not sin hard?) Pretty okay price to pay per cookie. Now on to the taste:

Twelve (-1) cookies of goodness

I think I tried all of their everyday flavours (except ginger chewu and brown sugar) just not the green tea one and some other flavour next to it. Overall what I liked most about the cookies was that they were not very sweet. (Sorry Subway, I love my double choc there but your cookies are so sweet and in consistent that it’s hard to want to eat more.) For all the cookies I tried they all had a good balance of flavours and texture. My persobal favourites would be their mocha expresso and nutella ones! Mocha expresso, as you would expect, has the subtle but enjoyable taste of mocha in it such that it is not too bitter or too sweet that it is in recognizable as mocha-flavoured. Nutella on the other hand was not as sweet as the Triple Choc but at has a more homey and wholesome taste! Great buy 🙂

Da truth. (Love their packaging!)

Visit !

Live. Laugh. Love.


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