Snackeroonies: Asanoya Bakery

Hello there! Back with another chapter of snackeroonies with me. This time I’m reviewing some pastries at Asanoya Bakery. And I’m sure this won’t be the last time (?)

  • Mushroom quiche set (with coffee, mushroom soup and salad topped with Japanese sesame sauce) $11.90 7.5/10
  • Turtle matcha sweet bun $3.50 9/10
  • Ham and cheese donut $2.80 7.50/10

Mushroom soup is 9/10 for mushroom soups I’ve tried in my LIFE. It’s pretty worth to get the set cuz the quiche alone is already $6.90? Quiche is 8/10— pretty good but not served very warm, together with the coffee which was a bit too lukewarm for me (Maybe the intention is to finish it up in one go once it’s served?).

The turtle matcha sweet bun was a surprising gem to have discovered today. Don’t be fooled by its cuteness (someone told me that I could only buy one cute thing today and so I’m glad I went with the cutest!). I was of course ready to be let down by some bland bun that just looked aesthetically pleasing, when in fact it was my favourite of the day. 9/10 for its rich matcha crumbing in the top and the entire bun is just really lovely and you won’t get sick of it. The ham and cheese donut is a 7.5/10 because the cream cheese is not really very even but it is in fact pretty generous in the middle. The cream cheese is just heavenly with the fried dough— it ought to be a sin. Basically a ham and cheese sandwich on a different level, so I wasn’t that amazed. The ham was a teeny bit bland.

All in all I know this won’t be my last time here. It is a very chill and conducive place to study. The posh little bakery near Bencoolen has every students’ vital necessities: free WiFi (with Facebook check-in), under-table powersockets, good food, air-con and toilets!! Their prices are a bit on the pricey end but it is comparable to many nearby study cafes too. +points to Asanoya for having a very clean interior to help me study in peace and no nosy staff to chase you out even on a public holiday. You’re bound to find a spot which suits you so you can tuck into a scrumptious tea set as you demolish your work for the day.


Hey there! Just a quick update on my food trips hahah. I’m really busy with exams right now so I apologize for all the short posts ;-;

As usual, catching up with my good buddy YL equates to another great food trip. This time we did a dip around the Everton Park area, home to a good number of sweet and swanky cafes for all your needs.
First stop was The Provision Shop.
Eggs Benedict @The Provision Shop

Peach ice cream @Seriously Ice Cream, just a few block down

Shepard’s Pie @Batterworks, literally two stores next door to Seriously Ice Cream

Mini tarts @Batterworks

Highlight of the day, Korean bingsu @ Tom N Tom’s Coffee, LOVED IT. The matcha flavour is a must try. We didn’t want nuts so they gave us granola!! The mochi fits perfectly with this great dessert.


We also tried their cheese and ham bread roll@ Tom N Tom’s Coffee. This place is just perfect if you wanna hang out with a friend and stay for long hours. Really conducive and not so crowded place in the heart of the city.

Live. Laugh. Love.