Cafe Hopping I: Get Lost In The Woods– Windowsill Pies

Dessert time!

(Pre-note: To all, I had gone cafe hopping to the three wonderful places I blogged under the title CAFE HOPPING I all on the same day, November 14 2014, I’ve just been really busy with other things so please bear with me.)

Take a cab. That’s right. To all those who can afford it please please take a cab. It is so easy to get lost goin here if it is your first time. ……….-realizes there is a shorter way- okay let me be clear. Unless you know some way I didn’t go or you’re with someone who has been there before, don’t walk from Farrer Park MRT. My bro told me it’s within walking distance but holy bleep that was like a walkathon man. We got lost and misdirected countless times as well. However, it was totally worth every drop of sweat. (Only when we headed home did we realize it is soo much easier to come from Lavender MRT station. Why so dumb.)

I actually  noticed this cafe but I let us walk right past it because I thought it was a place called “IN THE WOODS”. DUMB. I was even thinking to myself: maybe we can stop by here later it seems pretty cool! SUPER ULTRA DUMB. I made us walk around another 20 minutes.

LOOK AT THE DOOR. MEMORIZE THE DOOR. And you will definitely be able to find this place. It has by far the coolest and swankiest interior I’ve ever seen.

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Cool ass ceiling.

 Very classy and still a hint of rustic-ness goin on.

 Of course we are here for the pies. Give US PIE. 

I didn’t know I could love a banana pie until I ate Windowsill’s Banana Cognac (One of their best sellers, along with Strawberry Lemon pie and S’mores pie.)

On top is a light sweet banana mousse and the bottom layer is banana with crunchy nuts mixed with salty caramel. It isn’t excruciatingly sweet so it makes you want more. Though it still can please those with a sweet tooth. But my favourite part is really the crust. (I love my pastry.)  Light, crispy and slightly sweet. I could eat it all day. Seriously.

Due to time constraints and still being full from the ramen at Santouka’s, we only ate one pie there and took the two other pies to-go. (the strawbery lemon and s’mores pies)

Packed in a very cute brown box it is placed in a brown bag for you to bring home the goodness to your family or just eat it alone in your car or something. Either way, Windowsill Pies is one of my favourite places to go for dessert now and coffee too. Not only is the food superb but the environment is very relaxing and it isn’t too packed either. The price is comparable to other pies/cakes out there in the mainstream market so I think it is more than worth it.

What are you waiting for? Go grab a bunch of friends and have a pie tasting fiesta at Windowsill Pies today!
Windowsill Pies | Artisanal Pies and Tarts
78 Horne Rd, 209078
Tue-Thur: 11am-9:30pm
Fri: 11am-10:30pm
Sat: 10am-10:30pm
Sun: 10am-9:30pm
Closed on Mon
Live. Laugh. Love.


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