Cafe Hopping I: Santouka Ramen for lunch

Hey there, so on to lunch:

We headed over to Clarke Quay after the interview by MRT which didn’t really take very long. It’s not too far from Farrer Park. Located on the second floor of the Blue area, it is pretty easy to get lost and not be able to find. But after a series of circles and incessant map reading together with the help of some of the shop owners, we managed to get there. Easiest way to find it is to get to the Blue area and cross to the other building, and it’s in the corner after a Malay padang restaurant, Rendezvous Restaurant Hock Lock Kee.

This is what you would see when you reach there.

We arrived around 12-1pm and didn’t have to wait long to be seated. If you intend to visit Santouka, come a little earlier maybe 11am-12pm in order to avoid waiting in line for a bowl of ramen. Trust me though, it’s worth the wait if you do get stuck in line.

I was quite surprised when we went in because the place was much smaller than expected. Explains the long queue because the service was pretty fast and there were waiters ready to take our orders.

I apologize to the great waiter we had for he patiently waited for us fickle-minded teens to order. In the end we settled with a small sized bowl of Shoyu (soy sauce) ramen and Chicken ramen. Shoyu ramen is one of their more popular flavours and they only serve 15 bowls of chicken ramen each day so I HAD TO try it. (Since I’m not really a beef person anyways– almost every other bowl comes with their signature Toroniku Cha-shu which is simmered pork cheek meat.)

Shoyu Ramen: pork broth mixed with soy sauce, this flavour is not very salty. And I’ve had my share of super salty ramen. Urghk. The Cha-shu is also simmered in soy sauce to bring out more flavour. Once you bite into the meat you can taste that the meat is so full of flavour and very tender not fatty. It comes together with pickled plums, their signature topping which is slightly sour but crunchy, bamboo shoots and Kikurage (jelly ears). Size-wise, the small bowl we ordered is probably enough for those who aren’t really heavy eaters because just one bowl of this is sure to fill you up. But do note that the increase in the size of the bowl only increases the amount of soup and noodles inside the bowl– not the meat.

Chicken Ramen: This dish taste totally different from the Shoyu one. I think it’s a bit saltier but also more wholesome. Truth be told they both have such unique tastes. Both are great to try. So here was where the problem stemmed: the chicken ramen only has one size which is equivalent to a medium bowl. BUT I am not a heavy eater so I was afraid of not being able to finish it. I’m glad I did try it though. It comes with a mollet egg (an egg which is more cooked than a soft boiled egg) bamboo shoots and spring onion garnishing. Although one of my pieces of chicken was pretty tough to bite into, the rest were tender and once you bite in you can taste the juice infused into the chicken. The taste was something like a teriyaki-ish taste but a wee bit saltier.

Surprisingly we managed to finish the two bowls and one more mollet egg. (it is nice so buy it if it’s not already in your soup for just another dollar)

We shared both bowls of noodles to get a taste of the two and yes I liked my chicken one more!!

I was realllly full afterwards. And it was so worth the money. The total bill was about $31+? with the GST and all. Not too bad for what you get. I’ve been to places charging you $16-$19 a bowl for some salty yuck asdfghjk.

So yeah head on down for you bowl of ramen today or if you’re in the Clarke Quay/Chinatown area, this is a place you ought to visit.

Santouka Ramen
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #02-76 The Central, Singapore 059817
6224 0668
Daily 11am-10pm (kitchen closes at 9:45pm)

Live. Laugh. Love.


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