Cafe Hopping II: One Man Coffee sells PIZZA

Hello everyone and anyone! Another cafe hopping day with my food buddy so I’m gonna post this the same way I did for the first. 
First stop for the afternoon: One Man Coffee
Another tricky place to find but if you aren’t as unobservant as us I’m sure you will notice the cafe as it has these chairs outside.
Yes, the chairs basically spell it out for you. But of course we walked past it yet again when it was just there………anyways if you are planning to get there look out for the following sign because I think that it is two stores in one.

SO yeah One Man Coffee is together with Crust (which opens 5pm I think). I walked past it thinking it was a different cafe. 

As the name suggests, this cafe is quite well known for their coffee so I just had to get myself a latte ($4.50). Admittedly, it tastes pretty good and it’s at a good temperature to start drinking! Nice start to our hopping.

Gashouse Eggs with Bacon Jam ($10)– sounds weird but it is by far one of my favourite foods ever. If bacon could get any better it’s in this bacon jam. YUMMM. It’s bacon with balsamic vinegar, butter and some secret ingredients. The toast has a poached egg in the middle and it is covered with lots of cheese. OMG. That toast is so buttery and the egg and cheese is awesome together. Egg is nice and runny when you cut up the centre.

Next up is the Brioche French Toast with homemade berry jam, fresh cream and candies walnuts. ($10–They have another brioche french toast with caramalized bananas) All I have to say is Can I have more? The homemade jam is great: not too sweet and not too sour. Tastes like a mix between strawberries and raspberries. Eating the toast together with the cream and jam is perfection. I’d love to eat breakfast and coffee there longer but we had to move on.

SO yum yum yum all the way. Please do yourself a favour and check this place out.
One Man Coffee
215R Upper Thomson Rd, 574349
Operating hours
9am – 5pm daily
9685 1685

Live. Laugh. Love.

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