/26 DEC 2015/ C&C – ffl

-Apologies for my poor iPhone photos-

Coast and Company
24 Siglap Drive
Singapore 456176
6681 6681

FFL Fresh Fruits Lab
351 Changi Road
Singapore 419818
6677 6741


/2 JAN 2015/ ECP: walk bike eat

Hey guys! So it’s me again. Yeah busy busy start of the year but since it’s the Chinese New Year holiday why not do some updates?

Right after New Year’s Day I met up with YL and well we had fun. This is probably one of the coolest things I will remember for life: bicycle cafe hopping– a combination of two things I love to do. We started by renting bikes at ECP and made our way around the Katong area.
First stop: Chin Mee Chin Coffee & Cake Shop 
Specialty: Custard puffs and sugee cakes (unfortunately didn’t get to try that)
Meluvs: I’m not a fan of custard but this was creamy and light. Not too sweet and the pastry itself was really good. I also tried the butter cream swirl– pastry was great too but cream a bit too buttery for my taste.
Notes: Try to come earlier. There are many people who come here in the mornings for coffee and their eggs and pastries so it’s really difficult to get a seat. (We just bought take-aways as there was a really long line outside just to get in.)

Address: 204 East Coast Road Singapore 428903
Contact: 6345 0419

Butter cream swirl and custard puff

We continued to cycle around East Coast Park for a while. (Actually it was to scout area F for my BBQ)

Second stop: Bar Bar Black Sheep (Tanjong Katong outlet) 
Specialty: Butter Chicken and curries
Meluvs: We couldn’t stay long but I ordered the butter chicken and garlic naan. I wanted more. If we weren’t in a rush I would stay there all day and keep eating it. The butter chicken has a really good sauce and it was just mouthwatering. Naan was nice and soft too. Great with the chicken.
Notes: There are two other outlets. Yes that’s right–one more at Bukit Timah and at Robertson Quay. They are bigger than the outlet we visited and offer a wider range of food so I’d want to check them out if possible. (You might want to do that too)

Address: 362 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437122
Contact: 6348 8275

Last stop: With a Pinch of Salt (Not too far away from Bar Bar Black Sheep)
Specialty: Chocolate souffle, Jumbo Chick’s Leg (large portions and affordable prices)
Meluvs: Cute and vibrant atmosphere makes for a happy eating experience. I was looking forward to having dessert here but when I heard that their chocolate souffle was not available we had to settle with the lava cake. It did suffice however I was disappointed with the cheese fries because I had expected something special for having to pay $7-8 for one serving. 
Notes: Try out their mains. My friends have given good reviews about this place about how they have large portions and reasonable prices around $11-14 for food which tastes pretty good too.
Address: 297 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437080
Contact: 63482297

Live. Laugh. Love.


Hey guys! Ahhhh it’s been really long since I’ve blogged yeah. Well I guess so much has happened I just couldn’t find the time. So this is the first of my many updates since the caroling post.

30 December– I went to the Line @ Shangri-La hotel with cafe buddy (yes a huge upgrade from cafes hahaha). It was really packed so I guess we were lucky to get seats.

Highlights: lychee cappuchino, dessert bar and the seafood

Live. Laugh. Love.

Cafe Hopping III: L’etoile Cafe breakfasttt

Hey everyone and anyone! This is such a late post so I do apologize, but I have been very busy these past few days. Nevertheless, I can finally put this up.

Welcome to another day of food with me 😉 This time my food buddy and I headed down to Farrer Park to start off the day. When you go out through exit C you will be welcomed by Mr. Rooster of FOOD STREET! Looks like there are a lot of cafes and restaurants here but that’t not where we were heading.
(So I was kinda stupid and walked to the right thinking that the only crossing was at the end of the street but if you go to your left, the crossing is right there.)

Pretty trees anyways. Photo op~

After the trees (or if you came from the left crossing walk towards your right), you should see Owen Road. Just keeeep walking, and walking and walking– the cafe is unit 160.

If you’re on the right side of the road you should see P. Bistro which is like unit 140+ or 150+, so it’s pretty near.

Finally you should reach, L’etoile Cafe! Our first cafe of the day.

The cafe actually has two floors so we went to check out the upper floor. I have to say that the decor is really cute and I love the rustic feel, it’s super homey. And despite being an open window floor there is AIRCONDITIONING AND FREE WIFI. The cafe is a French inspired Japanese cafe so there’s Japanese books and cute anime characters around.

Love these murals!

Ordered a cappuccino and yeah I was disappointed they didn’t make me a panda ;( but it tasted good haha. Good cup of coffee! ($4.50*)

We came to this cafe not only due to their good reviews but also because we bought something on the Sugar app– Eggs Benedict ($14.90*) just for $8+++ such a great deal. I love that app.

It was a great breakfast because I am super fond of salads (yay) and liked the hollandaise sauce on the eggs. Although the toast was slightly too hard for my liking, difficult to cut through, I still liked the pairing of eggs toast and fresh salad with a good cup of coffee.

*Oh but the down side is that there service charge on top of the prices which are inclusive of GST.

L’etoile Cafe
160 Owen Rd
Singapore 218953
Opening hours
Mon to Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat to Sun, Public Holiday: 9am – 10pm

Live. Laugh. Love.

fArt tArtz Cafe @EXPO

Headed over here for Breakfast before work started at SITEX the other day. I didn’t know the EXPO had a place like this.

When we arrived they were just opening so we had to wait about 15 minutes before the food came.

We ordered the oreo nutella mud tart (usually it’s $5.50 i think but we got it at $2-3 with the sugar app) and the strawberry cream jar thing. ($6.80) I love that both desserts were not too sweet. The nutella was balanced by the cream inside so it was not as sweet. Then the strawberry one was with fresh cream and probably graham crumbs. A simple dessert but very cute presentation!! Even the tray, the utensils and the furniture.

Along with Detox water: Citrus ($3.80) and Fruity ($4.80) flavoured. I’ll tell you now that it’s just water with whatever you see oranges/berries with mint leaves. Nothing much actually. If you want something with a refreshing taste at least, go for the citrus one. The fruity one doesn’t have much taste and the fruits are hard to get out and eat.

Grilled Hot Wings ($8.50) took slightly longer to arrive but it wasn’t too long either. WOOH. These are hot and spicy I mean look at those chili seeds. But they are very very nice! Hahah despite having the numbing feeling of the spice around my mouth, I wanted more. I definitely recommend this.
fArt tArtz Cafe
Singapore Expo (foyer 2)
1 Expo Drive
#02-04 Singapore 486150
Opening hours
Mon to Thu: 8am – 6pm
Fri to Sun: 8am – 8pm
Email: enquiry@farttartz.com
Live. Laugh. Love.

Cafe Hopping II: One Man Coffee sells PIZZA

Hello everyone and anyone! Another cafe hopping day with my food buddy so I’m gonna post this the same way I did for the first. 
First stop for the afternoon: One Man Coffee
Another tricky place to find but if you aren’t as unobservant as us I’m sure you will notice the cafe as it has these chairs outside.
Yes, the chairs basically spell it out for you. But of course we walked past it yet again when it was just there………anyways if you are planning to get there look out for the following sign because I think that it is two stores in one.

SO yeah One Man Coffee is together with Crust (which opens 5pm I think). I walked past it thinking it was a different cafe. 

As the name suggests, this cafe is quite well known for their coffee so I just had to get myself a latte ($4.50). Admittedly, it tastes pretty good and it’s at a good temperature to start drinking! Nice start to our hopping.

Gashouse Eggs with Bacon Jam ($10)– sounds weird but it is by far one of my favourite foods ever. If bacon could get any better it’s in this bacon jam. YUMMM. It’s bacon with balsamic vinegar, butter and some secret ingredients. The toast has a poached egg in the middle and it is covered with lots of cheese. OMG. That toast is so buttery and the egg and cheese is awesome together. Egg is nice and runny when you cut up the centre.

Next up is the Brioche French Toast with homemade berry jam, fresh cream and candies walnuts. ($10–They have another brioche french toast with caramalized bananas) All I have to say is Can I have more? The homemade jam is great: not too sweet and not too sour. Tastes like a mix between strawberries and raspberries. Eating the toast together with the cream and jam is perfection. I’d love to eat breakfast and coffee there longer but we had to move on.

SO yum yum yum all the way. Please do yourself a favour and check this place out.
One Man Coffee
215R Upper Thomson Rd, 574349
Operating hours
9am – 5pm daily
9685 1685

Live. Laugh. Love.