Cafe Hopping III: L’etoile Cafe breakfasttt

Hey everyone and anyone! This is such a late post so I do apologize, but I have been very busy these past few days. Nevertheless, I can finally put this up.

Welcome to another day of food with me 😉 This time my food buddy and I headed down to Farrer Park to start off the day. When you go out through exit C you will be welcomed by Mr. Rooster of FOOD STREET! Looks like there are a lot of cafes and restaurants here but that’t not where we were heading.
(So I was kinda stupid and walked to the right thinking that the only crossing was at the end of the street but if you go to your left, the crossing is right there.)

Pretty trees anyways. Photo op~

After the trees (or if you came from the left crossing walk towards your right), you should see Owen Road. Just keeeep walking, and walking and walking– the cafe is unit 160.

If you’re on the right side of the road you should see P. Bistro which is like unit 140+ or 150+, so it’s pretty near.

Finally you should reach, L’etoile Cafe! Our first cafe of the day.

The cafe actually has two floors so we went to check out the upper floor. I have to say that the decor is really cute and I love the rustic feel, it’s super homey. And despite being an open window floor there is AIRCONDITIONING AND FREE WIFI. The cafe is a French inspired Japanese cafe so there’s Japanese books and cute anime characters around.

Love these murals!

Ordered a cappuccino and yeah I was disappointed they didn’t make me a panda ;( but it tasted good haha. Good cup of coffee! ($4.50*)

We came to this cafe not only due to their good reviews but also because we bought something on the Sugar app– Eggs Benedict ($14.90*) just for $8+++ such a great deal. I love that app.

It was a great breakfast because I am super fond of salads (yay) and liked the hollandaise sauce on the eggs. Although the toast was slightly too hard for my liking, difficult to cut through, I still liked the pairing of eggs toast and fresh salad with a good cup of coffee.

*Oh but the down side is that there service charge on top of the prices which are inclusive of GST.

L’etoile Cafe
160 Owen Rd
Singapore 218953
Opening hours
Mon to Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat to Sun, Public Holiday: 9am – 10pm

Live. Laugh. Love.


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