AFA 2014

Some photos taken at Anime Festival Asia 2014 held at Suntec Convention Centre on 7 Dec, Sunday!

(Apologies for the late posts guys, but I am back from my hiatus.)

I had a lot of fun going to AFA! Got to take some great photos and awesome coses. I bought three badges as well as two posters hehe. I guess it was a last minute thing cuz at first I had some commitments to attend to, so I’m fortunate to have gone anyways.

Obviously, this is too too pass.
Heyy War Machine.

Taken at the Suntec Mall?

Happy New Year & may my friends have bigger aspirations!


Finally in.

Hello, my love.


Hot Stuff.

Shiroe from Log Horizon.

Yeah badass Death Gun.

Sexy Sinon.




Gonna blog about aLt. Pizza it’s SO good.
Live. Laugh. Love.


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