aLt. Pizza

Hey guys, so on the day I visited AFA I was lucky to discover this place for lunch. It was so difficult to find and that probably explains all the posters and advertisements about it– because I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. I’m guessing that if you were shopper and you saw the poster, maybe you’d wanna find it but then give up after walking around so much! My friend and I almost gave up ourselves but we found it eventually. aLt. Pizza is right round the left corner of the taxi drop off in front of the mall. 

It was raining cats and dogs that day so I was really glad to find refuge in the restaurant. The interior reminds me of those 1980s diners of some sort. Pretty cool designs and the place had a swanky vibe.  

WE ordered the calamari rings ($10)  for our side and the Truffle Shuffle ($14) pizza for our main. They really make their pizzas fresh in a big oven in the customers’ view. I’d have to say that we didn’t wait long and the staff was really friendly. The calamari was very tender and I enjoyed the chipotle dipping sauce a lot! (Kinda like a mustard sauce plus tartar sauce?)

Truffle pizza. Oh just look at that. The crust is perfect, not too thin not too thick and it is nice and crispy. The cheese and herbs totally complement the mushrooms and fennel sausage. 

I’d say that a must-try for aLt. Pizza, other than their pizza of course, is their Kapati Organic New Zealand Ice Cream, especially the passion fruit & lemon curd flavour. It has a velvety texture and has a fresh tang to it, good for those who’ve had enough of the usual ice cream flavours. 
aLt. Pizza
Suntec City Tower 4
Singapore 038983
Live. Laugh. Love.


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