Hey there! Just a quick update on my food trips hahah. I’m really busy with exams right now so I apologize for all the short posts ;-;

As usual, catching up with my good buddy YL equates to another great food trip. This time we did a dip around the Everton Park area, home to a good number of sweet and swanky cafes for all your needs.
First stop was The Provision Shop.
Eggs Benedict @The Provision Shop

Peach ice cream @Seriously Ice Cream, just a few block down

Shepard’s Pie @Batterworks, literally two stores next door to Seriously Ice Cream

Mini tarts @Batterworks

Highlight of the day, Korean bingsu @ Tom N Tom’s Coffee, LOVED IT. The matcha flavour is a must try. We didn’t want nuts so they gave us granola!! The mochi fits perfectly with this great dessert.


We also tried their cheese and ham bread roll@ Tom N Tom’s Coffee. This place is just perfect if you wanna hang out with a friend and stay for long hours. Really conducive and not so crowded place in the heart of the city.

Live. Laugh. Love.

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