Snackeroonies: 2nd ice cream of the day

  • Nestle KitKat drumlet ice cream $0 6.5/10

Free from the dining hall!!!!!!?! How could you say no? To be honest, I don’t like cones, but the cheapo and craving side of me just had to take it. But it was my second free cone of the day 😅. At least I can say that I have fully satisfied my ice cream craving from the previous day. Never liked ice cream with bits of chocolate in it other than cookies and cream (which isn’t exactly chocolate either), so this was nice but not that great. These Nestle drummers always melt so fast it’s never the right temperature.

P.S. — As I write this post I’m starving, so I’ll quickly finish up my work and go to sleep.


Snackeroonies: Munchmuch

  • Camel Natural Baked Pistachios $? 8/10

Jing Ying came over the other day and brought these pistachios! I’ve only eaten/seen the green kind before so I was really amazed to find that there were red(?) ones too. It’s probably just red because of the baking. But boy do they taste good. Works as a good snack to curb hunger pangs. One serving is quite a lot of calories thoooo 297 🤔kcal…oh interesting fact I’ve learnt is that pistachios=开心果!

UTown Living: Week 6 Dinner, 110318

  • Blueberry lime $1.30
  • Aston’s teriyaki chicken with Mac & Cheese and potato wedges $6.90
  • Bedok popiah $2.50
  • Mom’s caldareta $0 (priceless)

Blueberry lime is now one of my favourite drinks. It is beautifully aesthetic and strangely refreshing on the palette. If I could describe it to you, it tastes like slightly sour gummy bears depending on how much lime there is. I like it sour so I prefer mine with more lime.

Note to self: do all the Aston’s chicken dishes use the same sized chickens?

The teriyaki sauce is really sweet and together with the fried wedges, chicken skin and processed Mac & Cheese, is a recipe for a sinful meal on a Sunday night.

Bedok popiah is always good, but it isn’t as nice after you’ve travelled for almost 2 hours.

And I really miss mom’s cooking. Gonna have the rest for lunch.


Hey there! Just a quick update on my food trips hahah. I’m really busy with exams right now so I apologize for all the short posts ;-;

As usual, catching up with my good buddy YL equates to another great food trip. This time we did a dip around the Everton Park area, home to a good number of sweet and swanky cafes for all your needs.
First stop was The Provision Shop.
Eggs Benedict @The Provision Shop

Peach ice cream @Seriously Ice Cream, just a few block down

Shepard’s Pie @Batterworks, literally two stores next door to Seriously Ice Cream

Mini tarts @Batterworks

Highlight of the day, Korean bingsu @ Tom N Tom’s Coffee, LOVED IT. The matcha flavour is a must try. We didn’t want nuts so they gave us granola!! The mochi fits perfectly with this great dessert.


We also tried their cheese and ham bread roll@ Tom N Tom’s Coffee. This place is just perfect if you wanna hang out with a friend and stay for long hours. Really conducive and not so crowded place in the heart of the city.

Live. Laugh. Love.


Hey guys! Oh yeash finally I got to go here. Full review will be updated soon (because I just had a rough night and I’m in need of some sleep). In a nutshell, 1) If you’re going for lunch be there about 11:30 (yes when the doors open)-12 if you don’t want to have to wait in line too long. Cuz about 12:30-1:30 is when the real busy lunch time crowd pours in. 2) Don’t be too fussy about sitting inside or outside. The inside doesn’t have much space for a big group of your homies and the outside is pretty airy and it’s not as hot as you think. 3) There’s a 2 hour eating time. They don’t really take note but don’t be a D. They needa control the crowd. Anyways you could probably still stuff yourself quite a bit in that 2 hours. 

Spicy marinated chicken~My favorite

The aftermath

Live. Laugh. Love. 


weeee hey guys! So today was pretty fun. Honestly, I havent gone out in a while for fun because it has just been so so hectic. Every weekend is practically full of events and things going on, on I have way too much homework stacked up. I was considering not going today to be the nerd I am but nah—and I’m glad I made that decision.

Long story short I went shopping today in Orchard and when we were looking for a place to eat we stumbled upon this lovely jewel of a ramen house. 
I usually go for the staple ramen, the miso one, but I figured the Chashu Ramen ($16++) with egg (+$1.50) would be a nice change. On the other hand my friend got a fix of the Negi Chasu Ramen ($17++), which doesn’t have much difference except the fact it has shredded green onions on top. Immediately one can tell the difference in the soup. It is much greasier due to the black ma-yu (roasted garlic oil) but very rich in flavour. (Chicken-based stock) What made me really happy with it was that they give a really good serving of the delicious chashu (nice and tender but doesnt quite have the melt in your mouth feel probably because it does not have much fat) so I recommend going for the Chashu ramen instead of the normal Ramen ($12++) that only has 1 slice of chashu. Line was pretty fast so I didnt mind the wait. (UNLIKE AT TAMPOPO WHERE THE LINE DIDNT SEEM TO MOVE)

Nantsuttei Ramen Singapore
181 Orchard Rd 07-12/13
Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Live. Laugh. Love.