Gardens by the Bay day

Hey guys! So yes as the title says, this is my Gardens by the Bay post omg this was 16 December 2014, super duper late but nonetheless here it is. Had a good day with my photography pals and I got to visit both domes this time. They are beautiful even if you aren’t there to take photos, so if you ever get the chance to go with close friends or ahem bf/gf, it would be a nice and relaxing experience.

My favourite of the two domes has got to be the flower one though. As much as the forest dome is cold and has a cool indoor waterfall, the flower dome is just too beautiful to pass.
We ended the day with llao llao, which I got to try for the first time wooh! Hahah I think I understand the hype for it but really, if the line is so long I wouldn’t bother lining up– it’s not that good. We didn’t wait long and had a table to sit down at so it was alll good haha.

Live. Laugh. Love.

aLt. Pizza

Hey guys, so on the day I visited AFA I was lucky to discover this place for lunch. It was so difficult to find and that probably explains all the posters and advertisements about it– because I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. I’m guessing that if you were shopper and you saw the poster, maybe you’d wanna find it but then give up after walking around so much! My friend and I almost gave up ourselves but we found it eventually. aLt. Pizza is right round the left corner of the taxi drop off in front of the mall. 

It was raining cats and dogs that day so I was really glad to find refuge in the restaurant. The interior reminds me of those 1980s diners of some sort. Pretty cool designs and the place had a swanky vibe.  

WE ordered the calamari rings ($10)  for our side and the Truffle Shuffle ($14) pizza for our main. They really make their pizzas fresh in a big oven in the customers’ view. I’d have to say that we didn’t wait long and the staff was really friendly. The calamari was very tender and I enjoyed the chipotle dipping sauce a lot! (Kinda like a mustard sauce plus tartar sauce?)

Truffle pizza. Oh just look at that. The crust is perfect, not too thin not too thick and it is nice and crispy. The cheese and herbs totally complement the mushrooms and fennel sausage. 

I’d say that a must-try for aLt. Pizza, other than their pizza of course, is their Kapati Organic New Zealand Ice Cream, especially the passion fruit & lemon curd flavour. It has a velvety texture and has a fresh tang to it, good for those who’ve had enough of the usual ice cream flavours. 
aLt. Pizza
Suntec City Tower 4
Singapore 038983
Live. Laugh. Love.

Cafe Hopping III: D’verygoodgood cafe

Finally final stop of the wonderful day: D’good Cafe!
To be honest I’m really drained so I apologize if this isn’t a very detailed review.
So we got off at Holland Village MRT (Circle line) and walked for a bit from exit B til we reached the place, passing by Hatched– an egg inspired cafe.

Maybe visit it next time?

When you enter there’s a pretty weird smell hahah. Or is it just me?

Psssst, this is my favourite photo.

How it works is that you go to the counter and order your food then find a place to sit among the three levels of the cafe and yeah when it is your turn to collect the disc will vibrate.

We tried the prawn aglio olio and the carbonara. The prawn aglio olio is kinda spicy but a bit too dry 😦 Lots of fresh prawns though so I liked that. The carbonara on the other hand I felt was much nicer as the sauce itself had lots of flavour. More gravy would’ve been good too hahah! but overall a great meal, super filling.

Now on to dessert! For dessert we have maple sea salt cheesecake. With a good balance of sweet maple and well–salty salt, this cheesecake is pretty light and not too thick on the cream cheese. The maple leaf on top is also an edible piece of white chocolate!

D’good Cafe
273 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278992
Opening Hours
Sun to Thu: 10am – 10pm
Fri to Sat: 10am – 11pm
6219 9807
Live. Laugh. Love

Cafe Hopping III: BZZZZZZ carrot cake

NEXT STOP!: Bee’s Cake

Another thing on Sugar that we bought was a slice of carrot cake. By carrot cake I mean the real cake and not like the Chinese one that is fried with chili? Just to be clear.

Bee’s Cake is a humble shop not too far from Seragoon MRT (or NEX mall), you can just walk actually about 15 mins. Or you can take a bus too. Or a taxi. It specializes in mainly three flavours of cake and occasionally makes cookies for events/seasons. (e.g. Butter cookies for Christmas). Otherwise they do cater to customized orders as well.

The place is pretty cramp inside, with a small table to eat in but one would rather take-away and eat it in the comfort of your home.

Now the cake itself (Bee’s Carrot Cake– $4.50, got it on Sugar for $1.) is really pretty good! I have not eaten many carrot cakes but this was a good one. The cream is also not too sweet like some sort of gross icing. (Hahah.) Would’ve loved to try the Country Apple Cake and the Chocolate Praline though, because the shop owner did say that all three cakes were good sellers.

Bee’s Cake
520 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534537
9742 3872

Live. Laugh. Love.

fArt tArtz Cafe @EXPO

Headed over here for Breakfast before work started at SITEX the other day. I didn’t know the EXPO had a place like this.

When we arrived they were just opening so we had to wait about 15 minutes before the food came.

We ordered the oreo nutella mud tart (usually it’s $5.50 i think but we got it at $2-3 with the sugar app) and the strawberry cream jar thing. ($6.80) I love that both desserts were not too sweet. The nutella was balanced by the cream inside so it was not as sweet. Then the strawberry one was with fresh cream and probably graham crumbs. A simple dessert but very cute presentation!! Even the tray, the utensils and the furniture.

Along with Detox water: Citrus ($3.80) and Fruity ($4.80) flavoured. I’ll tell you now that it’s just water with whatever you see oranges/berries with mint leaves. Nothing much actually. If you want something with a refreshing taste at least, go for the citrus one. The fruity one doesn’t have much taste and the fruits are hard to get out and eat.

Grilled Hot Wings ($8.50) took slightly longer to arrive but it wasn’t too long either. WOOH. These are hot and spicy I mean look at those chili seeds. But they are very very nice! Hahah despite having the numbing feeling of the spice around my mouth, I wanted more. I definitely recommend this.
fArt tArtz Cafe
Singapore Expo (foyer 2)
1 Expo Drive
#02-04 Singapore 486150
Opening hours
Mon to Thu: 8am – 6pm
Fri to Sun: 8am – 8pm
Live. Laugh. Love.

Cafe Hopping II: &MADE me so full

For our last stop we stopped by &MADE for more dessert.
Located at Pacific Plaza, it’s just a short walk from Shaw House. It’s at the side next to some bar/cafe/restaurant place but the big ‘&’ signs should make it obvious enough.

Bite off more than you can chew

Again this is a pretty pricey place but we didn’t have to pay a cent because the Sugar app is great. The Dark chocolate sundae originally costs $12 while the Lychee, Raspberry & Rose milkshake costs $9. Holy desserts right? But we bought the sundae for just $2.80 and the milkshake for $1.80. Now that’s what I call a good deal. 

All in all, the sundae was so worth coming back to Orchard. Err if you are paying the regular $12 it’s still worth it cuz it taste really good. It reminded me of eating a s’more in a glass hahah. Crunchy choco balls on top of a layer of fresh cream, followed by a layer of chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and then there’s some chocolate cookie pieces below as well.
The milkshake on the other hand was not my cup of–milk (tea you know ha. ha.) I don’t really like anything rose flavoured so this was not something I really liked. I didn’t hate it. The lychee and raspberry was nice but I just didn’t like the rose in it. I wouldn’t pay $9 for this. If someone knows anything else from this place or the places we’ve visited that we should check out, do leave a comment. As I probably won’t come back to &MADE for their burgers. They seemed pretty empty too…
&MADE Burger Bistro

9 Scotts Road Pacific Plaza
Singapore 228210
Opening hours
Sun to Thur: 10am – 10pm
Fri to Sat: 10am – 10:30pm
6690 7566

Live. Laugh. Love.

Cafe Hopping II: Shrove Tuesday on Tuesday

Second stop of the day: Shrove Tuesday
With the help of Google Maps we found this place pretty easily. It is next to this chicken rice place and there’s a fruit store with a friendly auntie opposite. (hehe

AHAHA this is such a cute sign.

They sell cakes, puffs and ice cream but they’re most known for their waffles.

Finally to what we are here for. Waffles. The original price for this is $5 I think but with the Sugar app we bought it for just $1.40 and added $2.50 for the scoop of ice cream. 
(The Sugar app is really useful for finding good places to eat at a good cost and best of all it comes with complementary $10 to spend when you register. So the waffle was pretty much free.)
Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Great that it was drizzled with chocolate and it went well with the strawberry cream ice cream as well. A bit pricey if you are gonna buy it without the app so yeah get the app and enjoy a great dessert!

Shrove Tuesday
Block 94 Toa Payoh Lorong 4 
#01-32 Singapore 310094
Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday : 10am – 10pm
Friday & Saturday : 10am – 11pm
6258 2254

Live. Laugh. Love.

Cafe Hopping I: Get Lost In The Woods– Windowsill Pies

Dessert time!

(Pre-note: To all, I had gone cafe hopping to the three wonderful places I blogged under the title CAFE HOPPING I all on the same day, November 14 2014, I’ve just been really busy with other things so please bear with me.)

Take a cab. That’s right. To all those who can afford it please please take a cab. It is so easy to get lost goin here if it is your first time. ……….-realizes there is a shorter way- okay let me be clear. Unless you know some way I didn’t go or you’re with someone who has been there before, don’t walk from Farrer Park MRT. My bro told me it’s within walking distance but holy bleep that was like a walkathon man. We got lost and misdirected countless times as well. However, it was totally worth every drop of sweat. (Only when we headed home did we realize it is soo much easier to come from Lavender MRT station. Why so dumb.)

I actually  noticed this cafe but I let us walk right past it because I thought it was a place called “IN THE WOODS”. DUMB. I was even thinking to myself: maybe we can stop by here later it seems pretty cool! SUPER ULTRA DUMB. I made us walk around another 20 minutes.

LOOK AT THE DOOR. MEMORIZE THE DOOR. And you will definitely be able to find this place. It has by far the coolest and swankiest interior I’ve ever seen.

 Follow the cafe on social media!

Cool ass ceiling.

 Very classy and still a hint of rustic-ness goin on.

 Of course we are here for the pies. Give US PIE. 

I didn’t know I could love a banana pie until I ate Windowsill’s Banana Cognac (One of their best sellers, along with Strawberry Lemon pie and S’mores pie.)

On top is a light sweet banana mousse and the bottom layer is banana with crunchy nuts mixed with salty caramel. It isn’t excruciatingly sweet so it makes you want more. Though it still can please those with a sweet tooth. But my favourite part is really the crust. (I love my pastry.)  Light, crispy and slightly sweet. I could eat it all day. Seriously.

Due to time constraints and still being full from the ramen at Santouka’s, we only ate one pie there and took the two other pies to-go. (the strawbery lemon and s’mores pies)

Packed in a very cute brown box it is placed in a brown bag for you to bring home the goodness to your family or just eat it alone in your car or something. Either way, Windowsill Pies is one of my favourite places to go for dessert now and coffee too. Not only is the food superb but the environment is very relaxing and it isn’t too packed either. The price is comparable to other pies/cakes out there in the mainstream market so I think it is more than worth it.

What are you waiting for? Go grab a bunch of friends and have a pie tasting fiesta at Windowsill Pies today!
Windowsill Pies | Artisanal Pies and Tarts
78 Horne Rd, 209078
Tue-Thur: 11am-9:30pm
Fri: 11am-10:30pm
Sat: 10am-10:30pm
Sun: 10am-9:30pm
Closed on Mon
Live. Laugh. Love.

Cafe Hopping I: Breakfast at Sarnies’

The day started off with breakfast before a job interview at City Square Mall for the SITEX 2014 and yeah I got the job. (But when we got there, surprise surprise– apparently more people knew about it too hahah. Oh well I’m just into the job experience yeh.

Look at the friendly staff (and carrot dude)
So Sarnies is a little cafe which my bro had recommended to me. A few must-indulge foods/drinks would be their f*cking good brownie ($5) and their coffee. 

Cool table number concept
Firstly I tried the brownie and wow is it ahmayzang. It is so moist and crisp on the outside. Base isnt hard or burnt like some brownie places. It is so moist it melts like a chocolate bar in your mouth. You might be thinking: but $5 for a brownie??!?@?# Stop thinking about it and go try it if you have that $5. Skip that starbucks frap just once.
Secondly, we ordered the ham and cheese crossant.  ($7.50) I have to say, their crossant pastry had a unique taste, it was buttery and there was a hit of cheese (?i think) in it that made it really yummy even just from eating the little crips that brpke off from trying to cut it. The ham was thinky sliced and paired with fresh parmasean cheese (from the taste of it). It took me a while to put my finger on what cheese was inside. Yum yum yum!!! I kept wanting more. 

Other thing one can try is their wraps as well. I heard it’s pretty good. Their cafe has a rustic feel like all the wooden furniture inside and even using poker cards as table numbers. The guy cooking was wearing a carrot hat. What could be more mesmerizing than that, right?

Sarnies’ is pretty easy to find once you get out of Telok Ayer (Blue line) MRT station. It takes less than five minutes to walk to though their cafe name isn’t too obviously plastered on the glass so I guess you might miss it if you’re not paying attention. Despite it being 9:30am when we got there, there were a lot pf people at the cosy cafe. It is packed pretty much the whole day according to my bro so it’s definitely worth checking out. Oh and all prices stated are inclusive of GST.
Sarnies’ cafe
136 Telok Ayer St. , 068601
Mon-Fri: 7:30am-10pm (kitchen closes 9:30pm)
Sat-Sun: 9am-4pm
Breakfast until 11am
6224 6091

Live. Laugh. Love.


Hokkien Mee @ Cuppage Fried Kuay Teow Hokkien Mee

I DID STUDY. Yesterday. But today I had to wake up at 6++ to get myself all the way to Chinatown (Hong Lim Complex) for the Basic Food Hygiene Course at XpRience. The training was really BASIC. Though I fell asleep at one point, I was throughly entertained by our trainer.

Anyways onto lunch. You see this up here? It’s supposed to be a mouth-watering photo of my lunch. Sadly I devoured it before I realized I wanted to post about it. Looks aside, this was some pretty good Hokkien Mee. It had just enough gravy and the right amount of sweetness from the chilli. Not too oily either in my opinion. I always say that a good plate of Hokkien Mee is not complete without well cooked prawns and squid. This had both. Well cooked prawns slide effortlessly off their shells while squid is nice and tender and not really chewy (overcooked alert!)

After lunch was the assessment and I passed. (yay!)

Cookies for Sid @ Citylink

So on the way back, (after walking pretty far looking for Raffles Place HAHA) I went to City Hall’s Citylink and window shopped my life away.

Introducing Cookies for Sid!

Wooh first time buying from here

 I bought 12 for $16 (cuz like if you’re gonna sin, why not sin hard?) Pretty okay price to pay per cookie. Now on to the taste:

Twelve (-1) cookies of goodness

I think I tried all of their everyday flavours (except ginger chewu and brown sugar) just not the green tea one and some other flavour next to it. Overall what I liked most about the cookies was that they were not very sweet. (Sorry Subway, I love my double choc there but your cookies are so sweet and in consistent that it’s hard to want to eat more.) For all the cookies I tried they all had a good balance of flavours and texture. My persobal favourites would be their mocha expresso and nutella ones! Mocha expresso, as you would expect, has the subtle but enjoyable taste of mocha in it such that it is not too bitter or too sweet that it is in recognizable as mocha-flavoured. Nutella on the other hand was not as sweet as the Triple Choc but at has a more homey and wholesome taste! Great buy 🙂

Da truth. (Love their packaging!)

Visit !

Live. Laugh. Love.